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Eric Sun
``In pursuit of health and beauty.``

Eric Sun, Founder

We are a team of social entrepreneurs and hair/beauty enthusiasts dedicated to serving you.


~ Service . Trust . Accountability ~
Ecorganics is a business committed to bringing you quality services, safe products while being environmentally friendly.

~ From The Essence of Mother Earth ~
All our products are specially selected for each and every one of you. Derived only from agricultural farming, each product holds the power of nature’s healing properties.

Since Ancient times, plants, fruits and even mud were used in beauty and healing rituals. From renowned beauties to fierce warrior, they have been tapping into the miracles of nature for their beauty, healing and health benefits.

~ Conscious Beauty ~
Furthermore, with the increase in global warming, it is of the utmost importance to be eco-friendly, so as to sustain the environment. We have to be responsible for the world with live in. That is why our products are friendly to our beautiful planet.

No Carcinogens. No Allergens. No Toxic Chemicals.