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You may not know it but your regular salon could be making you feel sick. Harmful chemicals are airborne and in an air conditioned environment, it gets trap and you can't help but to inhale it. You would know, as you can literally smell in. We call it the 'salon smell'. Maybe because you are used to the smell you have not even realise that it is actually the fumes from the chemicals that you are inhaling into your lungs and spreading it all over you body...
Ecorganics uses and retails tried and tested natural & organic products such as Simply Organic®, which are free from harmful chemicals.
Here at Ecorganics, we only use certified natural and organic products, and we test the products ourselves before we allow it in our salon and retail store. We want to create an environment that is chemical free and uses products which are certified to be free of ammonia, petroleum, artificial fragrances and more. Read more about this here >>

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MyPaper 我报 Feature
You may not know it but your regular salon could be making you feel sick.
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