about Ecorganics

Who we are

~ We Are At Your Service ~
Ecorganics is a green concept hair and beauty salon along the bustling street of Upper Thomson Road, Singapore. We are a team of social entrepreneurs and hair/beauty enthusiasts dedicated to serving you.

~ Being Conscious Is To Be Awake ~
Our image/looks is a vital aspect of our everyday life. However, in the quest to youthful beauty, we have gone astray. Over time, together with modern advancements, we have been exposed to more synthetic chemicals in our daily beauty routine. Beauty has become toxic! It is time we become aware of the toxic in our lives and put and end to it.

~ Back To The Basics ~
Being Green, we believe that we are here to provide you with what Mother Earth has to offer.  Our focus is to bring you back to the basics sans harmful chemicals. We believe that good products paired with exceptional service will go a long way. Ecorganics is the journey home to our true Beauty and to being radiant, embodied presence we were meant to be.

“In the pursuit of health and beauty, what you put in your mouth is as important as what you put on your skin and hair.”

Our Mission

~ Service . Trust . Accountability ~
Ecorganics is a business committed to bringing you quality services, safe products while being environmentally friendly. 

Our Products

~ From The Essence of Mother Earth ~
All our products are specially selected for each and every one of you. Derived only from agricultural farming, each product holds the power of nature’s healing properties. Since Ancient times, plants, fruits and even mud were used in beauty and healing rituals. From renowned beauties to fierce warriors, they have been tapping into the miracles of nature for their therapeutic benefits.

~ Conscious Beauty ~
Furthermore, with the increase in global warming, it is of the utmost importance to be eco-friendly, so as to sustain the environment. We have to be responsible for the world with live in. That is why our products are friendly to our beautiful planet.

No Carcinogens. No Allergens. No Toxic Chemicals.

Our Story

Ecorganics was founded upon our co-founder, Crystalz’s, personal journey through a burnt accident, her path to recovery and a little love story. We hope that you will be inspired by her story told here...

To stand out and tell my story was not an easy choice. I struggled for the longest time. But I was encouraged by many to share my story with all of you. So here I am.

When I was a young I-think-I-know-it-all girl, I was never into all these natural and organic ideas. To me, the whole idea was RIDICULOUS! It was just another marketing gimmick to con people to spend more money. But through one accident and a man, made me rethink my views on natural and organic.

In November 2005, I was caught in a flash fire while cooking at home. A mere 12 seconds of being engulfed in flames left me with 18% burns all over my body, up to second degree. 18% may not seem a lot of the whole body, but picture a girl with her face and neck burnt. It was not a pretty sight.

My recovery process was long and painful. I had to endure stares, finger pointing, whispering from strangers when I step out. Over time, I gradually withdrew from all my activities and part time courses. I shunned away from public places. I lost all self-confidence.

Every day seemed like an eternity during my recovery process. I was desperate! I tried everything that was available on the market. Most of the products that I have tried, gave me a bad rash. It was frustrating for me because in my sheer desperation to heal faster, I have made things worse.

Due to my outbreak, I was advised by my doctor to keep it simple. My mum, the avid gardener, would harvest aloe vera from our garden for my wounds. Using freshly harvest aloe vera and Vitamin E oil, helped subside my rash, and accelerated my healing progress.

The effectiveness of natural products started to make me wonder... WHY is a simple remedy was more effective then those highly acclaimed products in the market? Those products have been gone through years of painstaking research, but yet not only it did not work, it added on to my problem.

Soon after, I met my now husband and business partner, Eric, at a botanical hair salon where he was working at. Through our exchange of personal stories and research, we came to a realization that the need for safe and healthy beauty is dire. People should be aware of what they are putting on their skin and hair. The awareness has already begun with food. It is about time the awareness was raised with beauty products.

So when the opportunity arose – that an organic hair salon was up for take over, we jumped right into it!

And Ecorganics was born....

Our Values

Being an ethical company, we believe in good quality service, integrity, honesty, trustworthy, transparency and accountability to all of you. You can be sure that you are in good care when you step into our salon.

We have been told that we are mad when we started this journey. Perhaps we are, as we believe we are able to revolutionize the world with our beliefs.

Even though we may not be perfect now, but we aim to do the very best for you. We grow a little more every day and we will keep improving ourselves to bring you only the best we have to offer.

Our Team


Co-Founder/Director Stylist/Master Colorist

Look beyond the cold and elusive face, you will find a man that is passionate with his work. A true blue perfectionist, Eric sets the highest standards for himself with every client. A firm believer and advocate for all things safe, he practices non-toxic living even at home. He believes that healthy living cultivation starts at home and with the young, which is why he ensures that his home is the best place to start.  

In his free time, Eric enjoys cycling and checking out latest hair trends on YouTube.


since 2004


Toni & Guy Diploma in Precision Cutting
Zerran Reallise Practitioner
City & Guilds (UK) Diploma
NITEC Level 1 - 8


Co-Founder/Senior Beauty Therapist/Oncology Aesthetician

Budding law student turned social entrepreneur, Crystalz is the first certified Aesthetician in Singapore who is specialized in providing beauty services to cancer patients and survivors. She was trained directly under Ms Morag Currin, the founder of Oncology Training Institute. Taking a step further, Crystalz is a firm believer in providing alternative and holistic therapies, such as Clinical Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing.

In her free time, she is on the path to reconnect with her spirituality through Akashic Records and meditation.


since 2007


CIDESCO (Switzerland) Beauty Therapy
OTI (Canada) Oncology Esthetics
ITEC (UK) Body Treatments
ITEC (UK) Diet & Nutrition
— for Complimentary Therapists
CIBTAC (UK) Aesthetic Beauty Treatment
The Lash Academy (Singapore)
—3D Korean Eyelash
Cosmoprof (Singapore)
— Beauty Therapy Diploma
Cosmoprof (Singapore)
— Professional Nail Technician
Cosmoprof (Singapore)
— Professional Make Up Diploma