if you can. Tell him hecan have all my things while I m away, he ll like that. People seemed to be asking a great deal of him today, Tyrion Lannister thought. You could put allthis in a letter, you know. Rickon can t read yet. Bran He stopped suddenly. I don t know what message to send toBran. Help him, Tyrion. What help could I give him I am no maester, to ease his.pain. I have no spells to give him backhis legs. You gave me help when I needed it, Jon Snow said. I gave you SDI it exam nothing, Tyrion said. Words. Then give your words to Bran too. You SDI Certification re asking a lame man to teach a cripple how to dance, Tyrion said. However sincere thelesson, the result is likely to be grotesque. Still, I know what SDI it is to love a brother, Lord Snow. I willgive Bran whatever small help is in my power. Thank you, my lord of Lannister. He pulled off his glove and offered his bare hand. Friend. Tyrion found himself oddly touched. Most of my kin are bastards, he said with a wry smile, butyou re the first I ve had to friend. He pulled a glove off with his teeth and clasped Snow by the hand,flesh against flesh. The boy s grip was firm and strong. W.hen he had donned his glove again, Jon Snow tu

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