me I will bring you your friends all safe and sound. Now they both said Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure that they would not for aught that they should have no hand in the deliverance of them so the wood wife said Come with me, and I shall lead you to the place of your ambush. Then all they went on together, and fared a long way west, and toward the place where erst they two had found Arthur and at last, two hours before sunset, they came to where was a glade or way between the thickets, which was as it were a little beaten by the goings of man folk. And the wood wife did them to wit, that the evil folk aforesaid had so Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam used it and beaten it, that it might just look as if folk were wont to pass that way, whereas it was not very far from their chiefest haunt and stronghold. Microsoft Certification A little on the north side of this half blind way, and some ten yards through the thicket, the ground fell away into a little dale. the bottom whereof was plain and well grassed, and watered by a brook. Thither the wood wife brought the twain and when they all stood together on the brook side, she said to them Dear friends, this is your woodland house for this time, and I rede you go not forth of it, lest ye happen upon any of those evil men for nought have ye to fear from any save them. Here amidst these big stones, which make, see ye, as it were a cavern, have I stowed vic

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure