m the woman s side, there is a handsome young man, cooking is also very powerful. Hand on the table a beat, a carrot will fly on the air, then he brandished a knife, the Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist it exam radish cut into a piece of paper fell in the bowl. Lin Hao silent, this is not their usual favorite way to show it Although this is cool, but cut out the dishes, but not as good as on the cutting board cut out the neat, different sizes. Hey, the word on the other chopper suddenly attracted his attention. White feather. This turned out to be a God level chopper. Lin Hao heart pounding, even met a god class kitch. en knife. He did not listen to the call of the blue woman on the chopper looked, once again shocked, it was also a God class kitchen Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist knife. He finally understand, no wonder the two of the cooking so well, the original have God grade chopper. This is really too shameless, and even with God level chopper cheating. But the two of the knife is real and real, that is not disguised, it is indeed great, there must be some level. He thought, in fact, with God level chopper is Microsoft Certification also nothing, after

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MB3-701 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financials Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist