e Do not know why, every time with the war, Liu Zhengyu are more relaxed. Well, sit down and eat it I even have your pot of wine have been filled. Perhaps the war is a wine of the people, they both drink, has long been replaced by a bowl. Liu Zhengyu smile, no hurry to sit down, but asked Microsoft Dynamics AX it exam to heaven war. Do not you have a good fortune Borrow some money. Days of war on the tip of the nose, questioning There are wine and meat, you want money doing I just came to the occasion, watching a clothes shop is still open, I want to buy two sets of clothes. Day war nodded, talking straight to the restaurant outsid.e You know you are smug, where you think of your own line. Liu Zhengyu followed, explained I will be dirty clothes today, always have to. Battle of heaven, nodded, with a Microsoft Certification smile, looked back and said When do you still me Liu Zhengyu slightly said rest assured, owed my brother to return to Japan. Ha ha ha. It is a war of Microsoft Dynamics AX days of hearty smile, laughter after two people have to the shop shop. Liu Zhengyu directly selected a set of men, before leaving or could not help but will be around the suit, get together before the counter. Day w

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MB6-704 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 Development Introduction Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics AX