the worry free forest, a short period of time, but he is unable to be skilled, and at the same time, Zhang Baihu that hundreds of hands, if created, Worry free forest within, waiting for an opportunity to move, Microsoft Certification to make trouble, it may be more difficult to solve the problem. So, really want to give him another chance, he is not so furious, he will only hard and soft, forced Zhang Baihu to. hand over his treasure, and then continue to let him led his troops to cut down the worry free forest, that is The Yes, to the main means of the Lord and the ability to solve this problem, that is a piece of cake, lack of teeth. Liu Si jian looked at Microsoft Developer it exam the chapter of the white tiger they were a skimmer, smiled and replied, he is to compliment Muqing River, and this kind of compliment, do not say other people, and even his own, are feeling the teeth sour, but he And can not do that, in order to achieve that goal in his heart. But no matter how to say, no matter how much less than something less, these words right Liu Sijian asked his eyes again to see the back of the wooden river, fo. und his body is slightly shaking Look, although extremely slight, Microsoft Developer but it is not escape his eyes. And Liu Sijian, is the mentality of the wooden river has been a further understanding and control. Yes, it is true, I may be old, in some things, re

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98-361 Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-362 Windows Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-363 Web Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-372 Microsoft .NET Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer