ay. Even their father s bannermen seemed to sense.it. Many tried to test him,each in his own way. Roose Bolton and Robett Glover both demanded the honor of battle command,the first brusquely, the second with a smile and a jest. Stout, grey haired Maege Mormont, dressed inmail like a man, told Robb bluntly that he was young enough to be her grandson, and had no businessgiving her commands but as it happened, she had a granddaughter she would be willing to havehim marry. Soft spoken Lord Cerwyn had actually brought his daughter with him, a plump, homelymaid of thirty years who sat at her father s left hand and never lifted her eyes from her plate. JovialLord Hornwood had no daughters, but he did Microsoft Certification bring gifts, a horse one day, Microsoft Certification it exam a haunch of venison thenext, a silver chased hunting horn the day after, and he a.sked nothing in return nothing but acertain holdfast taken from his grandfather, and hunting rights north of Microsoft Certification a certain ridge, and leave to dam the White Knife, if it please the lord. Robb answered each of them with cool courtesy, much as Father might have, and somehow he bentthem to his will. And when Lord Umb

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