arned that Ye Shan is Zhao Shuai little baby babe kindergarten teacher, and Yu Yan is Ye Shan s neighbor, beibei 4 years old, frail, in order to allow children to get more care in kindergarten, Zhao Shuosheng pull live pull non let Yu Yan Ye Shan about out, began Yu Yan does not agree, said Ye Shan really Microsoft Certification busy, during the day to class, evening part time fitness club in the yoga coach. , home to take care of children, can not stand Zhao Shuai bitter Phase, and finally MCDBA agreed down. As for Zhao Shuai called above the forest, it is not known, perhaps because people are more lively it In this way, Fang Lin know Ye Shan. Chapter 2 The Night of the Township Fang Lin from the unit to the eLong fitness club about 10 km or so, he was a little excited, gone far and found the vehicle to his flashing flash, he was shocked that he even forget to turn on the lights, and he for himself Some excitement blushed. To the time, the day has been completely black down, far, he saw Ye Shan, standing under the street lights, black sling free to take a piece of wine red knit cardigan, is still the ingot blue tight jeans, black leather Small board shoes, long hair lazy strokes to MCDBA it exam the right shoulder, the sun hea

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070-447 UPGRADE:MCDBA Skills to MCITP DB Admin by Using MS SQL 2005 Microsoft MCDBA