ernal process just in the act of starting. The truth is that we travel on a journeythat was accomplished before we set out and the real end of philosophy is accomplished, not whenwe arrive at, but when we Isaca Certification remain in, our destination being already there which may occurvicariously in this life when we cease our intellectual questioning. That is why there is a smileupon the face of the revelation, as we view it. It tells us CISM that we are forever half a second too late that sall. You could kiss your own lips, and have all the fun to yourself, it says, if you CISM it exam only knewthe trick. It would be perfectly easy if they would just stay there till you got round to them. Whydon t you manage it somehow Dialectically minded readers of this farrago will at least recognize the region of thought of whichMr. Clark writes, as familiar. In his late. st pamphlet, Tennyson s Trances and the AnaestheticRevelation, Mr. Blood describes its value for life as follows The Anaesthetic Revelation is the Initiation of Man i

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