the senior chef, and sent to assess the senior chef card. The rest of the chefs, including the chef, also assigned their respective tasks. The monitor brush CCIE Service Provider it exam a dish, you can immediately serve, then ranked in the front. Silly b, and so will do the food is not good, Cisco Certification let you get out. Liu Dong Lin Hao said. Ma b, Lin Hao really anger, and this person s shit completely less than Li Bing ah. CCIE Service Provider And these people often swearing days, opening is curse, so he also learned unconsciously. Really near Zhu who red, near ink black. He tried to calm himself down and start the dish. After all, is here to work, not to be uncle, so sometimes you must force yourself to calm. Mutton soup and braised crucian carp is waiting for the food, so the moment can not be delayed. He sent the. kitchen waiter sent a good crucian carp and lamb, with the fastest way to fish ripening, clean. Since it is braised crucian carp, there is braised practice. He cut a little ginger and chopped green onion ingredients, but also with a pot and the smell of soup, keep spare. Fried fish must first wipe the pot with ginger, so, it will not appear sticky pot phenomenon. Lin Hao lamb cut into a lot of pieces, put the side of the soup pot to cook. Everyone has a different approach to each person, his practice is through the practice of practice, but also refer to the family of the prescription, to improve. Installed b. When you see Li

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider