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    Just failed CCNA Security 210-260


      Last week I took the CCNA Security 210-260 certification exam (Dominican Republic). Before attending the examination, I reviewed the exam topics, studied from CBT Nuggets bootcamp videos, prepared my lab, etc, etc.


      The point is that when I took the exam most of the questions were out of the scope of the exam topics. Many of the questions were ambiguous and the simulation was a failure.


      Take this exam topic as an example: "Describe authentication and authorization using ACS and ISE." Well, many questions were related to implementating and troubleshooting Cisco ISE, the "describe" part was missing. This type of questions are found in the CCNP Security exam topics, not in CCNA.


      I understand that the money I invested should be rewarded with a good test, in which concepts are evaluated, taking into consideration the exam topic, books and study guides, no ambiguous questions.


      P.S. I do not have access to the Certification & Communities Online Support because my user appears "inactive", so I couln't open a ticket.


      Refer to this link to see more people complaining about this subject: Just failed exam


      I apologize for my bad English.

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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi Luismar,


          Sorry to hear that you failed your recent exam attempt due to exam issues. We do encourage you to open an exam feedback case with the Certification & Communities Online Support team.


          If you are having difficulties opening a case online, you can call 1-800-553-6387 (Press option 4 for Certifications) to speak directly with a support agent and they will assist with your support tool login issues and exam feedback. For your reference, please also see - Certification Support Numbers




          Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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            Gowthamraj F

            Hi Luismar


            sorry to hear that and best of luck for your next attempt.

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              Ismael da Silva Mariano



                   Luismar, sorry to here the bad news! But this is just one exam , go ahead!


                   As of your complains, you really must open a case at Cisco support, they will answer you.


                  Don´t give up ,  continue with us!


                  Try to check some labs or exam simulation ( official) and see if they are not similar to the exam you faced.


                   Good luck!



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                Robson Pereira




                Step 1: Open a ticket with cisco. I do not know if you are Brazilian, but here in Brazil is almost a test of these 1000.R $. 250 x 3.57 = + IOF. Has happened to me I got a complaint and won a Cisco voucher.



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                  Again sorry to hear that you failed, to be honest i think Cisco exams are pathetic and if i didnt need a CCNA to get into the industry i wouldnt have bothered with them, the awful GUI for the LABS the constant tiresome ambiguous questions, i understand that they have to test you and to be honest i believe some of the questions do and are well thought out, but i get sick of the majority of the questions being a sneaky play on words. i was looking forward to taking the CCNA security exam but until i hear that it has been rewritten and your and everyone else's input taken in i just wont bother.

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                    Sorry to heard that Luismar

                    Since Cisco Press is not Cisco(at least thats what I heard) I understand if Cisco Press doesnt include any topic (in this case Cisco FirePower and AMP) in its Official Certification Guide, but why it is not included in the exam blueprints, why Cisco do that? It is unfair, there is a lot of people failing this exam because of a subject that is not even mentioned in the blueprints, a subject that is part of CCNP Security, and yes I know that Cisco suggest 2 years of experience but still, is unfair!


                    ...and yes life is not fair .

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                      Matt Saunders - Community Manager

                      Hello I did some checking around and as I understand it the domains of 6.1 and 6.2 on the exam topics is where Firepower would apply.


                      IINS Exam Topics


                      6.1 Describe IPS deployment considerations

                      • 6.1.a Network-based IPS vs. host-based IPS
                      • 6.1.b Modes of deployment (inline, promiscuous - SPAN, tap)
                      • 6.1.c Placement (positioning of the IPS within the network)
                      • 6.1.d False positives, false negatives, true positives, true negatives

                      6.2 Describe IPS technologies

                      • 6.2.a Rules/signatures
                      • 6.2.b Detection/signature engines
                      • 6.2.c Trigger actions/responses (drop, reset, block, alert, monitor/log, shun)
                      • 6.2.d Blacklist (static and dynamic)


                      Per Omar Santos, the author of the Cisco Press Study Guide:

                      "Firepower (SourceFIRE) NGIPS is the software that runs on the NGIPS appliances (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/security/ngips/index.html) and virtual. On the other hand, it can also run in the ASA (that’s what we call ASA FirePOWER Services). Recently we combined the traditional ASA software capabilities and Firepower / SourceFire features in to a single image – that’s what we call Firepower Threat Defense and what I covered in the webinar."


                      The recordings from the webinar on Firepower and Next-Gen Firewalls can be watched here: Introduction to FirePOWER Services and the Next-Generation Firewalls: Lesson 1: Deployment Options


                      I also definitely recommend the Live Lessons from Omar on the CiscoPress site.


                      We also have some great NGIPS Videos available here: Cisco NGIPS Training Videos


                      I hope that's helpful...

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                        here is a link to the nuggets with a 12 minute over view of firepower

                        here (7 days free which should be enough to go over those dodgy areas)


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                          Ive been reading this and trying not to reply, but the truth must be told.  I have a CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, CCNA-Security (+recert).  I have never EVER scored less than 90%.  That being said let me share my latest experience...

                          June 7th 2016 @9:56am - Took the 210-260 exam.  Well prepared.  I am an IT Security Professional.  I do this every day.  This won't be difficult.  I am breezing through the exam and get to the Simulation part.  It comes up.  THe page is blank except for a "next button".  It says to click "next".  I did and *poof* im past the sim and on to the next question.  I speak to the host person.  They create me a Incident ID number with Pearson VUE.  7 days later Pearson VUE says "Sorry.  We don't find anything wrong with our test.  Better luck next time." (paraphrasing).  So i take my case to Cisco.  June 17th I create another ticket with them.  June 29th they issue me a statement.

                          "As the result of extensive review of your exam in collaboration with our test developers, test vendors and technical staff, it has been determined that there was no problem with the simulation item in question. Our records indicate that the simulation question functioned properly, given the scenario and the information that was entered. All routers in the simulations are readily acceptable if the correct host is chosen."

                          All further appeals were met with silence.  The system is a money-making joke.  $250 donated to the all powerful Cisco for nothing.  *stillangry

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                            Hi Luismar,

                            I too recently took the 260-210 IINS exam (Feb 2017) and failed it due to the same reasons as you mentioned. It does not pay to try and open a support ticket with Cisco as it will go no where (I did this process on a previous exam and their response was a thank you for contacting Cisco and then they state that there is no issues with the exam). 


                            It would be great if Cisco did put forth exams that actually pertain to the level of certification that you are testing for.  However, I do not see that happening.


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                              Yep, I just took this test and failed.  I have been in the Networking industry, mostly with Cisco products, for 7 years and have been working with many security topics including ASA maintenance and configurations, IPSEC VPN tunnels, AnyConnect VPN configurations and troubleshooting, for over 2 years now.  I still failed the basic CCNA level Security.  I truly feel like this is a money making cash cow for Cisco.  This test was $300!  I felt prepared, was getting good scores on my practice tests through Pearson Vue, went over all the configurations I would need to know like NTP authentication, SNMPv3, AAA, OSPF authentication, and it wasn't enough.  They asked such strange, terribly worded questions.  One question asked what a person is called that doesn't have the skills to create their own hacking script, so they use other already-created scripts.  What the heck kind of stupid question is that?  That wasn't in my Official Certification guide I bought from Cisco Press. 


                              I would love it if Cisco just was honest with their tests and asked clearly worded, appropriate questions that are in the Cisco Press books.  I'm more than qualified to be a network engineer that supports ASAs, IPSEC and Remote Access VPNs, and core routing and switching technologies.  I do it every day.  But I still fail the entry level security test.  BS!